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Coronavirus Policy

Coronavirus Policy

To our valued clients & suppliers, In anticipation of your support and to inform you of our ongoing operations, we are writing to advise you of our response to the Coronavirus (COVID 19). I ask that you work together with us to mitigate the risk, minimise the impact and strive to prevent this nasty virus from spreading further into the community. We have met together as a team to discuss the potential issues that may arise due to the coronavirus (covid19) and have now reinforced & implemented the following steps to develop our AOK WINDOW CLEANING Coronavirus Policy.

  • Our staff have been advised that if they experience any typical coronavirus symptoms (or flu-like symptoms) that they are to advise management immediately of this and understand they may be required to seek urgent medical advice as per current recommendations of the Victorian Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS). This also applies if they are aware of being exposed to the virus.
  • All staff are aware of the hygiene measures required including regular hand washing with soap, coughing/sneezing, minimising contact (handshakes) and social distancing.
  • All staff members have masks, gloves, hand sanitiser and have available a hand held temperature thermometer where required.
  • All staff members have had the current flu vaccinations
  • All staff are to notify management immediately if we are concerned or suspect unwell clients &/or workplaces being unhealthy. We would then raise this with you and would work to ensure adequate measures are taken to ensure the health & safety of all those involved – this may include suspending onsite work and/or postponing non-essential works till a later, more suitable time.
  • All staff have been provided with our AOK WINDOW CLEANING Coronavirus Policy and have signed on to acknowledge and carry out our day-to-day operations within this scope.

The priority here is to minimise the spread of the coronavirus and work towards ensuring the health and safety of all parties involved on our day-to-day cleaning work.

If the virus was to spread further and more rapidly than expected, we will take the appropriate actions as deemed by the management, staff, state and federal governments & applicable medical advice. We would ask & expect that you would advise us, prior to works starting, if anyone we may interact with is suffering symptoms of the coronavirus ( or flu-like symptoms ), if anyone is in self isolation, if anyone suspects they may have been exposed to the virus or if anyone has recently returned from overseas travel.

This way we can assess any potential risks and take the necessary action as management sees fit to ensure the wellbeing of all those involved.

None of our employees have recently been overseas nor have plans to do so in the future. We are also not aware of any interaction with immediate coronavirus cases amongst our clients or our suppliers. Please advise us as soon as possible should you, a family member, or a staff member Suspect, or has been diagnosed with the coronavirus within 14 days of carrying out work at your premises or any of our team members attending your site.

Our conservative approach for the time being is, to cautiously anticipate it is business as usual and we will re-address our policy measures as required based on future developments.

Thank-you for your understanding on this delicate & important matter. We trust your active support in these steps taken to ensure the wellbeing of all those we interact with at


Should you have any further questions or would like to provide feedback, please don’t

hesitate to contact me on 0408345068 or at

Kind Regards,

Robert Bennett