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Commercial Pressure Washing

AOK Window Cleaning provide the most efficient and affordable window cleaning services around Melbourne.

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About Commercial Pressure Washing

Over time your building will have a build-up of dirt and grime that can ruin its appearance. Our high-pressure cleaners are great for the removal of dirt, dust, oil, animal feces or any other undesirable substances from your home or building.

Our cleaners are trained experts and will prevent any cracks, crumbling, leaks or any other structural damage from being caused by the water stream. We provide reliable high-pressure cleaning services for a variety of buildings including commercial properties, schools, government buildings as well as residential homes. Our cleaning service also includes the collection of wastewater to ensure you comply with government environmental standards.

Our team works with you to meet your unique requirements and to work within your schedule to minimise any inconveniences. We supply all equipment and machinery required on-site and organise all permits, traffic management and paperwork for the job to be performed.

All of our staff have been trained to work at heights and perform their roles in a manner that complies with industry safety standards. Our team are also appropriately insured and have undergone police checks so you can trust that we will operate professionally.


Brighten up the facade of your home or building with our pressure cleaning services. Regularly cleaning the outside of your building helps with resisting weather conditions and to manage mould, protecting the health of those who are inside the building.



High-pressure washing is an effective method to maintain your roof, drainpipes, gutter interior and exterior. Our team is trained to expertly utilise high-pressure cleaning machinery at heights to reliably clean your gutters safely.



Cleaning surfaces outside and around your building such as pathways, pavement and car parks are a great solution to removing distasteful stains such as dirt, oil, mould and graffiti. Our team of cleaners have the expertise to ensure that the surface is cleaned in a way that does not damage it.


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Expert cleaning solutions
Reliable and honest service
Experience to all surfaces
Service to buildings big and small
Safe use of equipment to ensure surfaces aren’t damaged

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